Tips to Showcase Your Home in a Shifting Market

Tips to Showcase Your Home in a Shifting Market

We live in our homes one way and sell them in another.

With the current real estate market shifting, it is especially important for home sellers to set themselves apart from the competition.

When buyers see old carpet, a wall that needs to be painted, or a dusty furnace, they immediately think in $5000 increments. Addressing these items prior to putting your house on the market allows for buyers to focus on the positive aspects of your home, such as the open and airy layout or the beautiful granite countertops. Instead of clutter or the “expensive” list of items they’ll need to address, buyers have the opportunity to see themselves in the house. Taking down family photos, name monograms, and personalized items allows them to further envision what living in your home can look like. This means, de-clutter, de-personalize, and check some of the honey-do items off the list. Every dollar spent cleaning, painting, and making minor repairs has the potential to pay you back with a higher sales price and even result in a quicker sale.

Here is a list of some ways you can enhance your home before putting it on the market:


  • Maintain your lawn on a weekly basis
  • Add bright flowers to your landscaping
  • Replace/repair broken and/or cracked gutters and downspouts
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts
  • Scrape and paint surfaces with chipped or peeling paint
  • Re-paint or re-stain the front door
  • Paint or replace your house numbers and/or mailbox if they are weathered
  • Place new door mats at all doors


  • Paint rooms with neutral, light colors for a fresh and clean look
  • Have flooring professionally cleaned
  • Repair/replace leaking faucets
  • Lock away or remove all medications, firearms, cash, jewelry and sensitive documents
  • Replace old caulking around the bathtubs and showers, if necessary
  • Ensure that no cabinets or doors squeak
  • Set the dining room table
  • Organize closets and cupboards/pantry
  • Eliminate countertop appliances and clutter
  • De-personalize your property
  • De-clutter
  • Deep clean! This includes, faucets, baseboards, light switches, electrical outlets, ceiling fans and light fixtures, heater vents, etc.
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